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Looking for the Best Backyard Cook in America!

BBQ Country announces TINA CANNON 4th Pitmaster

BBQCountry announces TINA CANNON as the 4th of 12 Professional Pitmasters for Season 1 of Barbecue Country.

Tina Cannon has over 35 years in the culinary industry. She is a classically trained chef that has worked in many capacities in professional kitchens.

Tina has appeared in cooking competition shows on Travel Channel, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Destination America , Netflix and Food Network; as well as some local Networks. Tina is active in social media as well as her own Web Page and YouTube channel, inspiring cooks across the world. She has followers from Alabama to Zimbabwe.

Tina volunteers at the local culinary school teaching and inspiring students in various culinary classes. In 2022 Tina cooked over 50 K meals alone, single handedly for Meals on Wheels of Coweta.

Her Motto is “you have to give back to your community, and there is no better way for me, than to feed people in need.”

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